Between 2010 - 2013, back when product design wasn't really a thing, I got involved with a lot of startups in Toronto through a tech conference.

I got added to the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (CUTC) team by some sheer coincidence as the team lead thought I went to OCAD University in the design program, when really I went there to learn about film, video and sound art.

I quickly grew to love designing and prototyping during this time. I took great inspiration from up and coming startups, products and pitches I would hear about in the early days of mobile app development and design.


Most notably I worked on a social rewarding and reengagement platform called FanCrank. I worked with the CUTC team during these hazy years which lead me to introductions to the founders of FanCrank where I started learning about web development an designing web and mobile products.

Also learned how to use Twitter's bootstrap html and css toolkit to start designing mobile-first.

During 2009 - 2013 I went to OCAD University where I earned the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in Integrated Media. Hint: if you don't know what that is it's because no one else did either. I had a great time though; I learned about working with film, with mixed media, working on sound, working with arduinos, and collaborating with other artists.