To focus on personal growth and development, I departed from my role as the Chief Product Officer at Bunz.com.

I learned a lot in the 3.5 years at Bunz HQ, starting with 0 users and working up to 1MM users in 250+ cities worldwide. The experience taught me how to lead effectively in small teams and what kind of effort and dedication it takes to focus on growth.

Over the years at Bunz I helped grow the product, the team and put in a lot of hours figuring out what worked and what didn't. I spent time conducting user feedback sessions, asking for feedback and prototyping to keep iterating on the product.

There were a lot of challenges and hardships along the way, I enjoyed and at times felt swamped by the challenge.

It all paid off as the experience made me a better designer and molded me into a leader.

There used to be 3 of us working out of a Starbucks in the first year, while working full time. Year 2 got us a seed round of funding. Year 3 brought us a Series A round to expand into new verticals and cities.