I made this late 2017 to learn about user behaviour and to validate a market in regards to the cryptocurrency space.

I learned a lot about how to drive people onto a platform such as this, playing on FOMO, optimizing for SEO and to see the pitfalls in this space in regards to the user experience.

Initially this was a way for me to learn Firebase and VueJS but it turned into a pretty good research project via analytics, a/b tests and more.

Also someone posted it on reddit and got a few thousand views, which is always nice. I never intended this to be a business but more so as a way to validate user behaviour for future endevors.

"Gig" view – optimized for the viewing experience and everything is mobile optimized as well. Fun fact, replacing the traditional share icons with text which explicitly stated the share destinations increased shares by 100%.
Profile view – optimized for quick access to external links and big post images. Take a look: