Paytm Canada

Between late 2018 and mid 2019 I worked with the Paytm Canada team in order to identify product improvements, capture new demographics and expand the product offering to scale beyond bill payments.

Here I lead product design and working on product roadmaps to figure out how to implement multiple verticals such as P2P, merchant services, bill payments and lending within one consumer product.

In order to scale the product I helped build out the consumer and merchant teams, implementing processes for scale and ensuring we hit our product deliverables while improving month-over-month retention.

iPhone 001.jpg

Home feed with payment methods on the top and rewards integrated together. website - check it out live here:

1. Announcement.png

Announcement/rewards UI for introducing a new feature or marketing campaign.

Offers and rewards page optimized for personalized content.

Contact/merchant search accessible via the bottom contacts sheet from capture flow.

Payment review flow.

2. Home.png

Home page accommodating bill payments, p2p and merchant services.

4. Pay.png

Implementing a capture feature to better send / request money from contacts.

6. Payment Start.png

Payment start flow - same for P2P and merchants, similar flow for requesting money.

Payment confirmation page


User’s wallet + passbook for past transactions / user groups.

Unused Home.jpg

Old mockup of the home page showing breakdown in spending to up-sell on to a line of credit.