Co-founder // Lake Project

We envision the future of financial services to be as seamless as ordering an Uber, or renting an Airbnb. A tokenized global economy that is inclusive, accessible, and frictionless, for everyone.

With our expertise in AI, blockchain, and cutting-edge software, we’re turning our ideas into products which will power this open financial future.

2018, Toronto, ON

Consultant, Various

Consulted with a number of startups including Hurrier (acquired), Shoelace, Shoebox, Shakepay, ThinkResearch, and a number of companies in Toronto. Collaborated with the team at Canada's largest tech conference as the design lead, worked with an advertising startup in Toronto to create a MVP of a responsive ad creation platform. Built a social rewards platform for highly engaged users from social media accounts.

2010 - 2018, Toronto // San Francisco

Chief Product Officer //

Bunz is a bartering platform / local marketplace. I lead the product decisions backed by great design, development and data. Designed end to end experiences for iOS, Android and Web, created and maintained an AngularJS 1.4 application (now on React/Redux).

I also helped grow the platform from 0 users to 400,000+ users in more than 250 cities worldwide, optimizing for core funnels such as posts created, increasing signups and growing month-over-month retention. Only designer on the team between 2014-2017.

Lead the creation of two products within Artifact Labs (Bunz and Shufl) and concepts for 6 other projects between a dating app, an app to help you monetize your skillsets, an app for travel, an ai assistant, a money tracking app and more.

Lastly I set up agile workflows with the development team, focused on growth via retention, managed and collaborated with the small dev team of 6 people. Helped raise a seed ($1MM) and series-a round ($3.5MM).

July 2014 - October 2017, Toronto, ON

Product Consultant // Shoebox App

Contract work for a photo backup and photo rediscovery platform. I helped the Shoebox team optimize their product for photo sharing, become profitable with 5B+ photos uploaded, 2MM+ users and a good amount of recurring yearly revenue.

At the end of 2017 and early 2018 I've been helping Shoebox with their AI play for a B2B offering.

Learn more about Shoebox and the work involved here.

It was supposed to be a 3 month contract but we worked together so well we still collaborate.

2014 - 2018, Toronto, ON

Product Designer // Rithm Messaging Inc.

Worked on a now-out-of-business music sharing application which made it easy to share song snippets to your address book and social media. Did a lot of ux work with the team on Android / iOS, built HTML5 shared pages with drawn canvas json x/y coordinates. Created a fully-featured AngularJS 1.0 application working with the Rithm API, Soundcloud API. Built two Kik cards HTML5/JS apps to use within the Kik platform.

Ad Week Press Release

TechCrunch Coverage

July 2013 - July 2015, Toronto, ON

Co-founder // Basmati Labs Inc.

Worked on an hyperlocal bartering app called Rice!

2013 - 2014, Toronto, ON


Oh my there's so much more i've done over the past few years such as working for (at the time) Canada's largest tech conference as the design lead, working with an advertising startup in Toronto to create a MVP of a responsive advertising platform, social rewarding platform and engine for rewarding highly engaged users from social media accounts.

2009 - 2016, Toronto, ON


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Integrated Media // OCAD University

This is where I graduated from for my post secondary studies.

2009 - 2013