Building, scaling businesses and teams.




Co-founder, Lake // 2018 - 2019

On a mission to help improve our generation’s financial wellbeing by offering intelligent, low-cost, more personalized wealth management products starting with crypto assets.

Exploring the “DeFi” (decentralized finance) stack starting with AI-driven investment tools first.

We launched an open order book exchange called Lake Trade to learn more about user behaviour and build core pieces of the infrastructure for Lake Wealth; an AI-driven portfolio advisor/manager.

Learning a lot about financial services, regulations and working closely with a legal team in order to acquire appropriate licenses for retail-driven consumer financial products.

Design + Product (Growth), Paytm Canada // 2018 - 2019

Helped Paytm Canada grow their user base month over month while setting up processes for team’s dynamic growth since August 2018 — from 50 employees to over 200.

Consultant, Various // 2010 - 2019

Consulted with a number of startups including Hurrier (acquired), Akira (acquired), Shoelace, Shoebox, Shakepay, ThinkResearch, and a number of companies in Canada. Collaborated with the team at Canada's largest tech conference as the design lead, worked with an advertising startup in Toronto to create a MVP of a responsive ad creation platform. Built a social rewards platform for highly engaged users from social media accounts.

Chief Product Officer, // 2013 - 2017

Local marketplace with a digital currency. Team effort to grow the community of users to 500k+ members in 250+ cities worldwide. Raised a seed and series a round.

Product, Shoebox // 2014 - 2019

A now shut down photo backup and rediscovery product with 6B+ photos uploaded, 2MM users and profitable ARR. Highest rated photo backup product on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Product Designer, Rithm Messaging Inc. // 2013 - 2015

Music sharing product for millennials focused on social sharing, photo, video and animated characters. 1MM+ users at it's peak, with licensing deals with major record labels.

Co-founder, Basmati Labs Inc. // 2013 - 2014

Local marketplace called Rice. We merged with Shufl Inc., the parent company of