Trip to Italy

Went to Rome and Naples for a week, it was fantastic! Lots of amazing places to visit, a lot of walking and great people :) Definitely going back again in a year or so and learning more Italian before I visit again. Here are some pictures!


More pictures to come soon :)

Apple Watch

I got this as a new year present from my brother and over the last few weeks I've been pushing this little gadget to it's odds and ends.


I'll be honest. I thought it would be too much of a toy to actually work well. I don't have high hopes for high-tech watches or wearables just yet since we haven't solidified the form factor with the expected use cases. There's still a long way to go and this watch had me asking for more.

The set up was fairly painless, albeit slow. I know it's always connected to my phone whenever it detects that both devices are in proximity and I do wish it had either LTE or Wifi built in, falling back to a phone connection when Wifi isn't available.

Things that works really well, and I mean for this form factor and for perhaps every day use are: Maps, Calendar and of course the Watch. The health and activity functions are pretty good but I found those to be more of a later value add than out of the box features. I do use them, just not as much as I want to.

Voice functionality is getting better but it's pretty terrible. Google does a really good job at voice control and parsing, but Apple really needs to step up their game. I also found that Siri is really slow on the Apple Watch, likely due to being connected to my phone all the time.

Trying to find locations via saying "Hey Siri" is a hit or miss 50% of the time. Trying to call people or take actions for apps is also something that needs work. It's great when it works, but those 'when' moments are far few and in between. Maybe my voice is just weird, but maybe it isn't.

I do like the watch as an overall package, and this model with the leather band is quite stylish. The size is prefect even for my chubby fingers and I haven't run into any serious issues tapping on this device. I found myself trying to use the voice search more than actually opening each app or widget manually, and with that I found myself running into voice search/parsing issues and wanting more out of it than it provided.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Apple is aware of it and if not then I fully expect someone else to take over this market. Apple watch leaves a bit to be desired and I'm sure one day we'll get to that perfect balance between form and functionality. Until then though, I want to start working on wearable tech and experiences more and more.


Shinola Runwell 47mm

I thought I’d get back into blogging. I couldn’t think of a better way to do so than to do a short review of this Shinola Watch I got as a gift last year from my good friend Sascha.

This beauty is great for everyday casual wear but also stylish enough to wear to events or any place formal. I really, really, love the green watch background. It’s eye catching enough that I’ve had people ask me in conversations what watch I was wearing, but also muted enough not to draw too much attention on the streets.


Just look at this handmade thing of beauty! It’s the RUNWELL 47mm retailing for about $550USD. Pricey for sure but for this price I doubt anything else could beat the value and style. I know there’s other watches out there that are a bit more minimalist but this one is something that should not be overlooked.


It comes in a pretty sweet box too! I would say keep the box and leave it out for others to see.


Inside the box is of course the watch, but also a card describing who put the watch together and on what date alongside the custom Shinola branding.


Moreover, you’ll find the watch in excellent display alongside a leather care balm. Overall it’s a pretty tight package, it’s a really good watch to have for everyday use and also for lifestyle more suited towards formal occasions.